About Me

My online business card.

Hello folks.  I should probably explain a little about myself.  I've been a professional programmer for over ten years.  Like most folks in this career, I've worked with a bunch of programming languages and technologies over the years.  I started out in the late 90's developing client-sever apps using Delphi, VB and SQL Server then moved on to the full J2EE stack and web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML/XSLT) against Oracle and DB2 databases. For a while I also worked with ASP (now called Classic ASP).

For a few years, my focus was on Enterprise Portals, Content Management and Collaboration, beginning with Plumtree then WebSphere Portal and Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal.  On the side, I developed a home-grown CMS that was used by small businesses and schools.

My work with WebSphere Portal focused on server installation, tuning and support on the back end as well as portal community development using CMS.  The portal community development work allowed me to shift gears and interact more with business users through portal workshops and training that I developed and conducted myself.

Although I enjoyed my time with Enterprise Portals, it took me away from my original career focus: programming.  So for the past few years I've returned my focus to Java and web development.  I'm currently working for an internet startup building a SaaS system using current Java and web technologies.

If should you wander here and find anything interesting, then please feel free to comment.